Wednesday, July 23rd 2014

Which Credit Card Reward Program has the latest Apple iPod?

by Mr Credit Card

I have decided to get the latest Apple iPod (the one with the 80GB). I am would like to use my reward points. So I decided to check out all the major credit card reward programs to see which one has the latest Apple on their reward catalog. I even created a video – which I have pasted below.

But here is my summary of my findings.

Citi ThankYou Redemptions Network – The ThankYou Network has the most number of Apple iPod models on their reward program catalog. Here is a summary of the models available and the number of points required to redeem for one.

1. Apple@1GB iPod Shuffle – 9900 points
2. Apple@2GB iPod Nano – 17,700 points
3. Apple@4GB iPod Nano – 23,200 points (in Silver, Pink, Blue and Green)
4. Apple@8GB iPod Nano – 28,700 points
5. Apple@30GB iPod – 37,800 points
6. Apple@80GB iPod – 39,700 points (both white and black)

WorldPoints from Bank of America

1. Apple@8GB iPod Nano – 39,200 points

Chase Flexible Rewards – choosemyrewards program

1. Apple@1GB iPod Shuffle – 11,500 points

American Express Membership Rewards

Despite the fact that the Membership Rewards program has the most number of merchandise on their reward catalog compared to other programs, they have no apple ipod on their catalog.

Diners Club Rewards

Diners Club Rewards also has no Apple iPod in their reward catalog.

ThankYou Redemption Networks wins this round

As far as the Apple iPod goes, the Citi ThankYou Redemptions Network has the most models available and the number of points you need to redeem for them is very reasonable based on their retail prices.

2 Responses to “Which Credit Card Reward Program has the latest Apple iPod?”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Wow! Thanks Mr. Credit Card. You’ve made it easy to choose a card based on the best rewards. Thanks for doing this! Now I can get something back.

    Best, Jennifer April

  2. ebow Says:

    I know it’s really really late for a reply, but for what it’s worth… I’ve found that with some rewards programs (especially the Diners Club Rewards) you’ll do a LOT better getting retail gift certificates than actual merchandise. For example, the DC program has the Canon A590 digital camera for 28,000 points, while Best Buy has it for $149. You can get $150 of Best Buy gift cards for 15,000 points.

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