Saturday, March 28th 2015

Ultimate Rewards Cash for Points

by Jacqui Stewart

Instead of receiving gift cards or merchandise with your points, you also have the option of receiving cash.  While gift cards are great, in todays economy, depending on your situation, cash can be better.  Recently I had well over 40,000 in Ultimate Rewards points on my Chase Freedom card.  I did a mixture of gift cards for Christmas gifts and cash to pay bills.  I felt that was a good balance.  A lot of people tend to go for the cash, however, at the time that I traded my points in, they were offering a discount on cards again, and some of them were ones that I knew my daughter would love for Christmas.

If you choose the option of receiving cash, you will receive a check written out to the name appearing in the shipping information field.  Ultimate Rewards allows you to start cashing out your points at low amounts shown below at only $20.

For each $.01 you spend, you earn 1 point.  While that may sound low, it definitely adds up.  Like I stated above, I had well over 40,000 points.  Most of those points were earned for items I bought for my house projects.  See how easy they accumulate?  Why not be rewarded for what you spend.

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