Sunday, March 29th 2015

Easy Steps to set up your Account Preferences with Discover Card

by Jacqui Stewart

Discover gives you the option to set up your preferences for your online account activity.  You can select how and when to pay your bills as well as have email reminders sent to you when your payments are due.  To get started, just click the icon for Try it Now:

A box will pop up for you to continue, click the button for Set Up My Profile:

The next set is to provide your email address and/or Mobile Number.  You will then be able to select how to Manage your Budget and Track your Expenses:

Going paperless also enters you for the chance to win big!

I know I could definitely use that money!  lol.  The next page, you just check the box that you are agreeing to the terms.  As most people live and breath with their phones, (I know I am one of them!)  I am such a tech freak, lol.  I do just about everything with my phone!

The next step will confirm your contact information.  Address, home phone and work phone if you provided one. Who your phone carrier is and of course, your email address.  The final page show that your account set up has been completed, woohoo!  Easy Peasy!

As shown, it is very easy to set this up and help save trees at the same time!

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