Thursday, July 31st 2014

Earn $50 in Cashback Bonus in referrals

by Jacqui Stewart

Discover Card has a promotion going on that allows you the opportunity to earn $50 in Cashback Bonus just by referring your friends. Your friends must apply for the specific offer you send them, and be approved. They also need to make their first purchase in order for you to qualify for the cashback bonus. From their website, the terms and conditions for this offer:

To receive the $50 Cashback Bonus referral reward, your friend must apply for the specific offer you send and be approved. You will receive $50 Cashback Bonus for each approved friend, up to 100 new cardmembers per calendar year. Offer not available for referrals that are existing Discover cardmembers. This offer is available online only. Individuals must apply for a Discover card by July 10, 2011. You will not be notified whether a specific referral was approved or declined. For email offers, your referral may not receive an email offer if they have previously opted out of receiving email marketing communications from Discover or are an existing cardmember. Your friend who becomes a new cardmember will also receive a $50 Cashback Bonus once they make a purchase within their first three months of account opening. Please allow up to 5 weeks for Cashback Bonus to post to your account after each referral is approved for their Discover card.

EDIT 5/9/11 – I spoke with a Discover Card representative and I was advised that she is not sure where this information came from. Apparently it was placed on the website in error. I know it came from their website as I copied and pasted it myself from their site. I was also advised that they DO have this opportunity coming available starting July 1st. The referrer as well as the person who applies and is approved will be eligible to receive $50.00 in Cash Back bonus awards.

Since you are not going to receive an email stating if your referrals were approved, you can check the status by clicking “Check your Status”:

If you haven’t signed up to look, you will need to provide your email address and a link will be sent to you:

So, if your friends don’t have a Discover Card, now may be the time get them on board!

2 Responses to “Earn $50 in Cashback Bonus in referrals”

  1. Michal Says:

    I can’t seem to find the details about this offer anywhere on the Discover site. Could you please provide me with a link or point me to where you found this information? Thanks so much!

  2. jacqui Says:

    Hello Michal! Thank you for commenting that you did not see where this offer was. I went back on the main page before logging in to look as well as logging into my account to look. However, as you noted, there are NO details.

    I called Discover Card to find out where this information is now located and surprisingly, they had no idea what I was referring to. I know this offer was listed as I did copy and paste the information provided in my post directly from the Discover Card site. They did advise however, that they have this promotion coming up on July 1st and more information will be provided before that date. I have edited my post to include that information.

    I sincerely apologize. I am not sure what happened in this case. Make sure to stay tuned to the Discover Card website for more information.

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