Friday, March 27th 2015

Discover Platinum Card’s – How to Save 5% Off Your Online Purchases?

by Mr Credit Card

My main credit card at the moment is the Blue Cash®from American Express, which pays 5% rebate on “everyday purchase” (supermarket, gas and drugstore) and 1.5% on “everything else” once your annual spending exceeds $6,500. This has been my main cash back card for the last couple of years. The great thing about this card is that you can earn 5% rebates for a few common spending categories. But I was looking for more and I think I may have found the card that also pays 5% rebates when you spend your card at various retailers.

That card is the Discover® More(SM) Card. The thing that caught my eye was the fact that Discover has made agreements with various partners and if you use your Discover Card at these partners, you may get as much as 20% rebates. Here is a quick glance at what is potentially in store.

Cash Back at Various Merchants at

1. Lands End – 10%
2. Overstock – 5%
3. Target – 5%
4. Carnival Cruise – 5%
5. Barnes and Nobles – 5%
6. – 20%
7 – 10%

If you are looking for a card that pays you “actual cash rebates” (not reward points when you use your card at popular merchants, the Discover® More(SM) Card could be the card you are looking for. I am applying for this card. I will be doing a more thorough study of the site soon.

One Response to “Discover Platinum Card’s – How to Save 5% Off Your Online Purchases?”

  1. Robert Says:

    This is a great feature of the card when you can use it. Apple is another great 5% Cash back store.

    Don’t forget to emphasize the “UP TO” double rewards with partners. You find that most of the double rewards are overpriced stores or travel sites. Gift cards at places like Kohls/Staples usually only give you $25 if you redeem $20.

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