Friday, March 27th 2015

5% Rotating Cash Back Comparison – Chase Freedom Vs Discover Card

by Jacqui Stewart

Both Chase Freedom and Discover Card offer 5% award on certain categories, throughout the year.  Upon reviewing both of them, I was actually surprised at the similarities of the offers.  How did they manage to get the same categories going for the same time frame is a question I unfortunately can’t get answered.

Here is the Calendar for Chase Freedom:

Here is Discover Cards Calendar:

However, while the categories seem to be similar, when you expand on Discover Cards, they offer more than listed.  In July to September, they both offer Gas and Hotels, but upon clicking on that season, they also offer this extra bonus for movies and theme parks, where Chase offers the 5% for Airlines too. However, the main difference that I see?  Chase freedom allows the 5% on purchases up to $1500 each quarter, where Discover Card offers it on purchases of up to $200 for Groceries and Drugstores and for April through June, it’s offered for up to $400.  There is no listing on the capped amount for the last two quarters.

Even though Discover has lower capped amounts, I don’t see a reason not to double dip if you have both cards :) .

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