Tuesday, July 22nd 2014

Chase Freedom – Signing up for the Track it Plan

by Jacqui Stewart

These days most everyone seems to have some kind of budget plan going on.  BluePrint with Chase Freedom helps you stay on track with your budget with their Track It Plan.

I think this feature just rocks!  It allows you to set the amount you want as your budget and shows you what your status is.  Check out this sample:

Can’t get any easier than this, can you?  This is up to date tracking.  Anything from the date of the previous statement will reflect in your budget graph.  When you sign up for Track It, it is available immediately.  Sometimes, if you are unable to see all of your purchases, the merchant may be a little delayed in getting your purchases listed.  Thinking this is going to be a VERY useful tool as I tend to not think about it and just spend what I have and then skimp later.

What are your thoughts of this plan?  Do you have a budget in place that this may help supplement?

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