Monday, March 30th 2015

50% Bonus For Tranferring Membership Reward Points To BA Miles

by Mr Credit Card

From now until 31st July, Amex cardholders can transfer Membership Reward points into BA miles and get 50% bonus miles. That means for example if you transfer 1,000 points into 1,000 BA miles, you will get an additional 500 miles to make it a total of 1,500 miles. For those of you who have applied for the BA 100,000 miles deal (like I have), this is another good chance to accumulate even more miles!

I presently have over 60,000 MR points and I guess I have to do some research and even plan for next years summer trip and see if it makes sense to do so. For those who have the Amex Platinum Card, you can “borrow” up to 60,000 points to transfer to BA (in addition to points you already have!). Once again, another huge opportunity to rack up those BA miles.

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